Unity Tutorial

As part of our fourth year project, me and my team made a multipart Unity tutorial on building a platformer in all aspects, broken down into sections. The website for the project can be found here: https://academyforbrains.wixsite.com/brainacademy

A demonstration for the finished project is provided in the first eposide at 0:41

First off you’re going to need to download our asset pack, which can be grabbed by clicking the slightly ominous download button below

    Download Now

Important to note, this package includes all art assets you will need to create the game, but only templates for the code and scenes. If you so wish, feel free to create your own assets and just follow our steps with them.

Next you’ll need some videos to follow along to, so either view the Playlist, or click one of the links below to watch an episode (Episodes build off each other, so it will probably be easiest if you view and follow along in order).