Well, just under a year after starting work at Studio13, one of clients projects has launched!

Triversal is made within Unity Engine, and I worked on the audio system! If you hear a sound in the game, I had a hand in writing the logic, importing the asset, hooking into the game side system, and getting it to play!

My work for this project was in two parts, one on our general audio framework that we share between client projects, and the other on the specific systems required for Triversal.

Improvements we made to the framework:

  • Expanded event based play calls to improve routing between client code and target sound
  • Created system to modify mixer parameters at runtime, lerping them between predefined states

Systems created for Triversal:

  • Music sequencer capable of queuing and transitioning between stem groups and music themes
  • SFX Spawner’s that allowed for dynamic music playback as the player beat puzzles and advanced through the game.

This is a very big moment for me, as this is my first game that is launching to steam that I had a direct hand in. Loved working with Phantom Compass on this one, and looking forward to future work on their other titles!