Potion Pals

Welcome to the spooky yet charming world of Potion Pals! Play with a friend as you take on the role of either a magical, potion-brewing Witch in VR or a bustling, potion-delivering Warlock on PC.

In a cozy yet cluttered potion shop, you must race the clock as you try to keep all your monster customers happy! Be careful though, if you take too long or give them the wrong potion, they will NOT be happy and the result could be DISASTROUS

Work with your teammate to create the proper potions and deliver them super speedily in order to get the best score.

Potion Pals was my fourth year project at Brock University. I functioned as the teams lead programmer, and production was going very smoothly. Unfortunately, due to Covid19 preventing us from heading in to school to continue working, and the majority of the team not having VR headsets at home to work on, we regretfully had to stop development of Potion Pals and settle with the above trailer.

On the team, I handled the majority of the programming related to VR, so creating our custom VR controller and programming the ingredient/crafting systems. I also had a hand in NPC AI, UI hookups, animations, and game logic.