Spooky Shapes Game Jam


For the halloween Game Jam at Brock, me and my team made a Christmas themed office horror. Why you ask? Thats a very good question, which none of us can answer.

We had roughly 12 hours spaced over 2 days to create a Halloween themed game using only basic primitives and simplistic textures.

From the start we knew that we wanted to something scary. While brainstorming, we came to the conclusion that our favorite type of horror is psychological, something with a deep message and dire consequences to player actions. However, we had spent around 40 minutes discussing games which pulled this off well, and then realized we had nowhere near enough time to create something so rich.

So, naturally, we decided to go with the cheapest type of horror around: Jump scares.

We considered doing them in the style of something along the lines of 5 nights at Freddies’, but we didn’t like the fact that you’re subjected to a jump scare as a consequence of loosing. We then drew reference from Slender: the Eight Pages, wherein the jump scares are not the end of the game, but more like a consequence of progressing.

I worked on the character model (C’mon, I had only basic shapes to work with), the doors, the particle effects, and the jump scare events themselves. All in all, we worked straight down to the deadline, having almost deleted half our project around an hour before we were to present.

Our effort seemed to be well worth it in the end, as our classmates and professor judges selected it as one of the best games created that night.

Download here: