Hi. I’m Kyle, an amateur Game Developer currently studying Game Programming at Brock University

Welcome to my portfolio site. Here are the various categories of work and projects I’ve been a part of

You can also see my recent posts here:

Little Adventures

For my second year IASC game. While simultaneous working on PinHead, we were assigned the projectc ...
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Donkey Kong GDD

For my IASC class, I had to write a Game Design Document for a classic video game. I chose the ...
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Spooky Shapes Game Jam

For the halloween Game Jam at Brock, me and my team made a Christmas themed office horror. Why you ...
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Wrench Model

https://sketchfab.com/models/00684bd26e254f8386d9530e1361b939/embed Plumbers wrench V.2.1 by Kyle ...
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The room

In my first year, I made a rather dark twine game called “The room”. I’ll let ...
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Bouncing Ball

https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/oBtUlRwpq9c?rel=0 ...
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