Hi. I’m Kyle, an amateur Game Developer currently studying Game Programming at Brock University

Welcome to my portfolio site. Here are the various categories of work and projects I’ve been a part of

You can also see my recent posts here:

Programmer portfolio

I have here my programmer portfolio I was required to make for one of my business classes at ...
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Chess AI

As the final project in my Artificial Intelligence class, we created a game of chess in Unity ...
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Feed-forward neural networks for data classification

For one of my Artificial Intelligence projects, we had to study neural networks and how adjusting ...
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For my Niagara College Year 3 Capstone I worked with a team of 9 developers to create the VR tower ...
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Lotto 649 simulator

After getting tired of seeing friends drop money on lottery tickets every week, I decided to build ...
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Pinhead was my second year project at Brock. It’s a 2.5d platformer about a pin cushion and ...
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